Listado de Proyectos

(*) Investigador responsable.
Applications of The Schwarzian Derivative To Curves and Surfaces. Martin Chuaqui*. Fondecyt Regular, 2019
Arithmetic of Algebraic Points. Héctor Pastén*. Fondecyt Regular, 2019
Bayesian Approach for Semi-Competing Risks Data Analysis With Complex Censoring and Time-Dependent Covariates. Danilo Alvares*. Fondecyt Iniciación, 2019
Bayesian Modeling of Multiple Change Points and Dependence Structure in Financial Time Series. José Quinlan*; Luis Mauricio Castro. Fondecyt Postdoctorado, 2019
Bayesian Non- and Semi-Parametric Undirected Graphical Models for Mixedtype Data. Félix Ríos*; Alejandro Jara. Fondecyt Postdoctorado, 2019
Differential Equations in Geometry. Mariel Sáez*. Fondecyt Regular, 2019
Discontinuous Petrov-Galerkin Methods for Elastodynamics of Beams and Plates. Carlos García*; Norbert Heuer. Fondecyt Postdoctorado, 2019
Disordered Quantum Graphs. Mallick Anish*; Christian Sadel. Fondecyt Postdoctorado, 2019
Dpg Schemes for Higher Order and Nonlinear Problems. Norbert Heuer*. Fondecyt Regular, 2019
Ergodic Theory and Thermodynamic Formalism. Iommi Godofredo*. Fondecyt Regular, 2019
Mathematical Challenges for New Materials. Giuseppe De Nittis*. Fondecyt Regular, 2019
New Directions for Surfaces of General Type and Their Moduli. Giancarlo Urzúa*. Fondecyt Regular, 2019
On The Asymptotic Behavior of Solutions of Parabolic Problems and Their Stationary Limits. Carmen Cortázar*; Marta García Huidobro. Fondecyt Regular, 2019
Thermodynamic Formalism and Symbolic Dynamics of Group Actions. Raimundo Briceño*; Godofredo Iommi. Fondecyt Postdoctorado, 2019
Transport Properties of Condensed Matter Models. Amal Taarabt*. Fondecyt Iniciación, 2019
Uncovering The Genetic Architecture of Human Diversity in The Admixed Chilean Population. Mircea Iliescu*; Susana Eyheramendy. Fondecyt Postdoctorado, 2019
Variational Analysis of Soft Materials. Duvan Henao*. Fondecyt Regular, 2019
Vortices in The 3D Ginzburg-Landau Model of Superconductivity and Bubbling in Conformal Geometry. Carlos Román*. Fondecyt Iniciación, 2019
Approximation Algorithms for Highly Symmetric Combinatorial Problems. José Verschae*. Fondecyt Regular, 2018
A Research Project on Dynamics, Geometry and Related Fields. Mario Ponce*. Fondecyt Regular, 2018